Viewpoint Hospitality is a company that leases properties that fulfill its standards and specifications, using long term agreements. By this method, owners release themselves from the responsibility of operating the business, while their property is being managed by a company with expertise in order to upgrade the business in terms of quality standards of operation, provided services, and brand awareness.
In most cases, the properties are extensively renovated in order to cope with the ever-increasing competition which often leads to the improvement of style, quality of services and total turnover. The organization exists to assist property owners in maximizing their investment value.
We are a unique company because we feel that in order to maximize the owner’s investment value, we need to invest in our associates. We regularly ask our associates what is most important to them in the workplace as well as to inquire, “how are we doing” as a company. In a recent team discovery mission, we asked the entire Trust population to define our “ideology” or “belief” in other words, to talk about “us.” This brochure is the result of our company-wide efforts from the past to the present...
  1. We are an organization committed to integrity, honesty and a passion for quality and innovation.
  2. We have associates that love the human race, are energetic, “show their teeth” and are proud of where they work.
  3. We support an environment that allows our associates to grow personally, professionally and financially.
  4. We create positive memorable experiences for every guest.
  5. We work hard and have fun in the workplace.
  • An unwavering focus on operating within our company values and our methodology of utilizing quality sciences consistently produce unparalleled financial results for our property owners.
  • Each Viewpoint business unit is dedicated to complying with its brand standard while meeting its profitability, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction goals.
  • At Viewpoint, we follow a fairly simple philosophy - offer a product of outstanding quality with equally outstanding values. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience.
  • "Amazing boutique hotel, only 4 suites so never super busy. The view from the Sunset was to die for. Location is great, only 10 min drive to Fira and the beaches."
    Maria V
    - Luna Santorini Suites
  • "A beautiful boutique complex, we had read the reviews on this site before booking and we were excited by the breathtaking views, size of the room and breakfast provided."
    - Luna Santorini Suites
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